Thursday, December 15, 2005


The day we visited the zoo was so damn hot we couldn't stay more than an hour! We tried to keep to the shade which is exactly what most of the animals were struggling to do too! Even the Indian elephants were struggling with the heat! Too hot to do much sketching but I got these down-


Elliot said...

Lovely elephant.
I'm never able to see a pachyderm without thinking of Bill Peet every single time.

St John Street said...


St John Street said...

Forgot the L love the work here.

Matt J said...

Thanks fellas! Elliot, I just read Bill Peet's illustrated autobiography last week - it's great! Very inspiring & reassuring to read even a giant like Peet struggled like heck for most of his artistic career!

My favourite elephant drawings have got to be Heinrich Kley's.

Matthew Cruickshank said...

It's the Leopard by a nose!

Any tales of cocaine ambushes and nights filled with intoxicating liquor?

Alina Chau said...

really cooool zoooo drawings!

Julián höek said...

wow, amazing! a story board artist from corpse bride came to my town!! i supouse you are not in argentina any more but any way i wanted to say hi! and tell you that i loved your sketches from my coutry. i love the pathetic things hunging out the restourant (i wan't to let you know that it's not an usuall thing to do here to get customers!! hahaha)
well, i'm from tigre and i also have a blog with sketches from places in the city and my every day trips to downtown where i study animation or when in take the bus to the studio where i'm working doing a 2d feature movie from my country. you are more than invited to visit it, perhaps you'll remember some place or some fase from here! who knows!
i hope you let me know the next time you came back down here, i'll by you a beer!!
best of luck!
julian from tigre, buenos aires, argentina!

Zoquett said...

Hey by the way those drawings are just amazing!!!!
I left a comment before, hehehe.
Oh you didn't leave anything else...come on, we wanna see more :D.
Back to London?

Matt J said...

Hola, great to hear from some Argentinian artists. I have lots more to put on here but little time to do it! It's been too long though so I hope to put something up this week. Thanks for your comments.