Sunday, April 23, 2006


The initial reason for our trip was to attend the wedding of a friend in seaside resort town Necochea. It is a 6 hour drive out of Buenos Aires. We travelled there overnight on special coaches which had EXTREMELY comfortable seats. If only airplanes could be like this. We slept well & woke up several hundred kilometeres from where we left!

It was high summer in Argentina & Necochea is a holiday town. Since we arrived so early in the morning we got to the beach around 9am when it was empty but by midday it was packed & the temperature had risen steeply. My Dad & I had never experienced heat like it & had to buy a sun umbrella to shade us before it was all too much & we retreated to the shade of a seafront cafe for a cool beer.

The wedding was in the evening & that night there was a freak storm, the heavens opened & torrential rain hammered down for a couple hours. We had a crazy taxi ride to the church with a local cabbie who saw nothing wrong in driving on the wrong side, driving up grass verges, cutting diagonally across cross junctions through traffic to get us to the church on time!

Sunday, April 16, 2006


Every evening when we got back to the hotel we'd find this guy in the bathroom!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

La Casa Rosa where Eva Peron made her speech on the balcony.

Argentinian art

There are fantastic, dynamic sculptures in the streets of Buenos Aires.

We visited the Museo Bella Artes, Buenos Aires' museum of Fine Arts. A wonderful & varied collection housed in a spacious & cool building that was a sanctuary from the searing heat outside.

The museum was holding a special exhibition of Emilio Pettorutti's art. He was a new discovery for me- what a find! I was really impressed by his graphic, almost cubist renditions of harlequins & musicians.

This is some of the more avant garde artwork from the gallery & the streets of Buenos Aires.

This terrific bronze was keeping guard outside the main military headquarters of the city (below where real soldiers guard the entrance)

More military might was on show at the Museo de Armas de la NaciĆ³n.