Monday, November 28, 2005

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is an enormous urban sprawl, one of the biggest cities on Earth. Population: 13 million. It' was high summer when we visited & sweltering hot. We stayed at the Hotel Goya on Suipacha St. The room is small, very stuffy & cockroaches come up through the bathroom floor!

Argentina is renowned for its beef & we made sure we found a traditional steak-house to sample the meat.


Smook said...

Stunning architecture and that accordian player is a fantastic photo!

St John Street said...

loving sketches

Alina Chau said...

Love your travel pictures and drawings!!

Zoquett said...

Gee...sorry you came here to Buenos Aires and run into roaches! Such a shame but this damn summer always bring them and mosquitoes :P

Anyway hope you liked out city :D

Ah I still don't know how I got here...but I loved the pictures you took and the descriptions ^___^

Besos ;)