Monday, November 28, 2005

The trip

In January 2005 my Dad & I visited South America on a 3 week trip to Argentina & Peru. It all came about after an invite from a friend to attend his wedding in Buenos Aires. I wanted to combine this with a trip to Peru to see Macchu Pichu, the famous Inca city in the clouds. When I told my Dad about my plans he said he'd always wanted to see Macchu Pichu too so we agreed to go together.
We both took hundreds of photos & I kept a sketchbook of the entire journey. This blog will be a selection of photos & drawings that show the highlights of our South American odyssey.
We leave London Heathrow at 7.15pm on January 4th, 2005. The flight to Buenos Aires goes via Madrid. We depart Madrid at 11pm & cross the Atlantic through the night.
Wednesday morning we fly in over Paraguay & the Tigre Delta into Buenos Aires Airport, Ezeiza.


alberto mielgo said...

Let's see it.

Smook said...

This should be good! I should have kept a sketchbook from when my wife and I went to Chitchen Itza (Spelling?)in the Mayan Riviera a few years back.

I hear hiking up to Macchu Pichu is an unbelievable experience worth taking. Looking forward to reading about your trek!

Matt J said...

The 4-day trek to Macchu Pichu is probably the most physically exhausting thing I've ever done in my life!
But also the most thrilling - walking through the Andes in the low-season with no-one else around was most peaceful & when we finally arrived at the 'city in the clouds' it's breath-taking. Macchu Pichu is truly magical - the Incas certainly knew how to pick a spot with a view!
Hopefully this blog will express some of my wonder experienced in South America.

merf said...

12 months ago we were busy training and getting ready.
looking forward to the next one